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Founded in 2016, Sucheon Technologies is the first high-tech enterprise in China which integrates artificial intelligence, machine learning and equipment noise analysis, and applies them to the industrial field



Intelligent Manufacturing

  • Tobacco Industry
  • Daily Chemical Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Product Quality Inspection


  • Iron and Steel


  • Power Industry
  • Water Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry

Machinery Manufacturing

  • Construction Machinery
  • Industrial Vehicles

Shipping Industry

  • Marine Equipment

Military Enterprise

  • Target Detection Equipment

Case Studies

Tobacco Packing Workshop

The equipment of tobacco packing workshop is highly costly and complicated to operate. Failures occur frequently on the air compressors in the power workshop and other equipment in the high-rack storage. Routine inspection and the maintenance after failure is a must. The maintenance cost is high and unplanned downtime often happen.

After adopting Machine Auscultation Master, through the noise monitoring of the core area of the equipment, 24/7 real-time monitoring of the equipment operation status has been achieved. In the meantime, according to the health status of the equipment parts, the maintenance plans were arranged more properly, and the unplanned downtime and overall operation costs have been effectively reduced.

Fan Unit and Flying Shear Unit

Before the introduction of Machine Auscultation Master, Iron and Steel enterprises had always encountered problems such as that the steel over long production line and an adverse working environment.It took a long time for the daily manual inspection to recognize problems and the maintenance staff could hardly find the problems in advance.

Machine Auscultation Master has gradually brought the routine manual inspection to an end, and significantly improved the efficiency and quality of inspection of the production line. At the same time, the application of life cycle monitoring system of flying shear also fills the blank of this kind of monitoring method in the industry.

Numerical Control Machines/Lathe

Due to the needs of production and processing in large foundry enterprises, numerical control machines and lathes often continuously operate in a state of high-intensity and full-load.The cutting tools are consumed a lot, and the tool cost accounts for a large portion of the production cost.

After a period of self-learning, Machine Auscultation Master completely and clearly captured the processing cycle of the equipment, realized real-time monitoring of the equipment cutting tools for enterprises and provided an at-a-glance indication for tool wear and abnormal status (such as broken cutting tool).The safety hazards caused by tool breakage and other problems are effectively prevented and the the use efficiency of the cutting tools are maximized.At the same time, different processing status can be identified from the noise differences, and the OEE and the output of cutting tools can be counted.

Sewage Pump

There are a great number of equipment in the sewage pumping station and sewage treatment plant, which places great pressure on operation and maintenance.During the operation, problems such as siltation and blockage often occur. In order to avoid the downtime caused by the equipment damage, daily manual inspection is implemented and the foreign bodies in the equipment are cleared by manual controlled reverse flushing, but this requires a large amount of labor cost.

In view of these pain points, Sucheon Technologies deployed Machine Auscultation Master system at the key parts of the pump to monitor the operation status in real time and set early warning for pipeline blockage and other faults, so as to help enterprises reduce labor costs and improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance.

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